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Closed cell systems is a solution provider. We re-engineer cell therapy manufacturing processes and also supply bespoke, closed, automated equipment and disposables.

Typically we work with you to map your end to end manufacturing process, ensuring an optimal match with your business strategy and identifying and prioritising improvements. In areas requiring new or changed equipment, we can quickly design and supply prototypes ready for evaluation and testing. Once the prototypes deliver the benefits required, we production engineer them to ensure they are GMP compliant and cost effective. Finally we manage the supply chain to ensure a robust supply of validated process equipment and disposables.

Closed Cell Systems is supported by:

eXmoor provides process development, facility design and regulatory compliance to the cell therapy industry Amercare provides innovative engineering design and prototyping alongside their business of supplying isolators

phone+44(0) 1398 371463

Point of Care Cell Processing

Closed cell systems is pleased to announce that it has obtained a license agreement for the development and commercialisation of a new point of care cell processing system. This closed system will automatically thaw a frozen vial, wash the cell suspension removing cryopreservative, concentrate and fill a syringe. The automated process will take approximately 30min to deliver a single patient dose ready for administration together with a batch manufacturing record.

During the next 2 years, the equipment will be exhaustively tested at an independent cell therapy facility in the UK. In parallel, the equipment will be production engineered and the supply chain put into place. The picture shows the benchtop prototype.

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